Dual Diagnosis, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism And Their Similarities

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There are many similarities between drug addiction, alcoholism and a mental health disorder. While the combination of a drug addiction or alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder is called a dual diagnosis, they should all be treated simultaneously in a drug rehab, alcohol rehab or dual diagnosis treatment program. 1. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders are physiological diseases with strong genetic and hereditary components. 2. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders are physical/mental/spiritual diseases. 3. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders if left untreated are progressive, chronic, incurable, and potentially fatal. 4. Denial of the disease of drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders and noncompliance with attempts at addiction treatment, drug rehab or dual diagnosis treatment are symptoms of the disorder. 5. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders manifest loss of control in behavior, thought, and emotions. 6. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders effect the whole family. 7. Growing powerlessness and unmanageability over drug addiction, alcoholism or mental illnesss lead to feelings of guilt, shame, depression, and despair. 8. Drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health disorders are diseases of vulnerability and isolation. 9. Both the primary symptoms of each disease AND loss of control in behavior/thought/emotion are reversible with addiction treatment or dual diagnosis treatment. 11. The risk of relapse in either disease is always high, and relapse in drug addiction or alcoholism will inevitably trigger a relapse in the mental health disorder.

Millions of people across the world truly believe that there are no solutions for drug abuse, because they are addicted to drugs. Many times, those addicted to drugs will find themselves in terrible financial situations because of their drug use. All the money that they have will be spent obtaining them to feed their addiction instead of using finances for important things like children, bills, food and other responsibilities. This is just one reason that finding solutions for drug abuse is so important when these have taken control of your life. Another way that abuse impacts life negatively is negative health. Any drug that an individual is abusing will undeniably leave them in poor physical health over time. Finding solutions for drug abuse can prevent many potentially deadly health issues such as cardiac arrest, heart disease and lung cancer. Of course, these are some of the most serious health consequences of drug abuse, but a possibility nonetheless. On many occasions, solutions for drug abuse are needed because drugs have left an individual facing prison or other legal consequences.

Any heart attack will leave permanent damage to the heart, and reduce vital functions. Muscle tightening and spasms often come with cocaine use. The shakes come from nerve and brain deterioration. Often the most debilitating side effects of cocaine come from the cutting agents used by the dealers to cut the cocaine. Not only do dealers cut the cocaine to make it go farther but they also experiment with the cutting agents to try and generate a higher high, or a high with a unique feeling. The dealers use their users as guinea pigs in those experiments knowing that most users will not go to the hospital if something goes wrong, that they will just wither up and die, so they can experiment at will. Often the dealers cut with whatever they have on hand not knowing if it is harmful or not. The side effects of the cutting agents sometimes cause severe damage to the immune system or death. Nasal sores often called coke nose often begin to show up after snorting cocaine. It burns the membranes inside the nose to a point that it can deteriorate a hole in the nose. The scar tissue, even if the cocaine doesn't burn through, will be with the user for a lifetime. The thing that comes to light when you start thinking about the side effect of coke nose, is the reality of what it does to the rest of the system. If it will burn a hole in the nose, what will it do to the blood vessels and brain cells! This data has been created by .

The effect of addictive substance to the production of dopamine is the main factor in addiction. This is the natural substance produced by human brain in pleasure activities. Drugs could manipulate the brain to produce this substance. The addicts should be informed about this to understand that this is the reason why they find it difficult to stop the drugs of alcohol. They should not be frustrated because modern medication and therapy will be able to help them to restore the brain function to a normal activity. The understanding of risk factor in addiction has been researched by scientists. If you liked this short article and you would like to acquire far more data about top ten rehab centers in the us kindly pay a visit to our own internet site. The growing evidence suggests that addiction is not just a factor of behavioral only but also linked to genetic and a real change in human metabolism in brain. The rehabilitation for addiction should consider the biological factor to create the right treatment. The patient should get proper information about this in order to understand how they are trapped in addiction and response well accordingly.

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