Addictions - You Need to Choose Who Pushes You

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Scientists have recently figured that substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use) resulted in poor dietary practices amongst teens. This conclusion was based on the results of the pilot study conducted within the St Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area. As a part of Team COOL (Controlling Overweight and CBD gummies Obesity for Life) pilot study 145 teens attending alternative schools within the above area were administered surveys. This study was targeted at finding any significant association between alcohol abuse behaviours and dietary habits like use of high fat, sugar- sweetened beverages, vegetables and fruit. This study has also been an intervention project geared towards reducing weight problems in children. As a part of this project six schools were selected. All students were under the age of 18 along with the average age was 17.several years. They were administered a 76 item questionnaire and then there were inquired on information like dietary practices, usage of alcohol, marijuana use and smoking. The questionnaire also specifically called for item like soda consumptions, fast food restaurant visits and fat intake. This survey took about 40 minutes to accomplish. At the end of this survey height and weight of each one person was measured plus they were given out a $5 gift card for participation.

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